Office 365 would provide the following features, which I think are critical:

  1. In an Office 365 account, you would use your own domain name to brand yourself within every sent email, so your clients and/or colleagues would receive an email address such as [email protected]
    1. We would have to find and then purchase an available domain name of your choice.
  2. Even Office 365’s lowest plan ($5 per month when paid annually) offers the valuable cloud-based features, but not the Office software itself. So for $60 per year, you would be able to:
    1. View all of the following on any of your devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even on any public computer):
      1. Email
      2. Contacts
      3. Calendar items
      4. OneNote notes
      5. OneDrive documents (1TB Storage!)

All would be instantaneously synchronized across all devices and all data would be stored within the Microsoft Cloud.  The Microsoft Cloud is merely a collection of Primary and Backup data centers – massive computer warehouses with the security of Fort Knox.  These data centers are strategically placed in key geographic locations to ensure that your data is never lost.

So if any one of your devices is damaged, lost or stolen, then you would merely use the replacement device to sign into your Office 365 account.  All your data would immediately begin pushing all of your data down from the cloud and into your new device.

Office 365 is essentially defined as a cloud computing platform.

The one part of Office 365 that is NOT cloud computing is the desktop or mobile versions of Office, whether full versions of Office for Macs or PC’s, mobile apps for tablets or phones, or the browser-based version, Office Online, for viewing Office documents within any of the latest browser applications.

Office Online is designed to work with the most current versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari by going out to the Microsoft Cloud to retrieve documents in real time, although you can switch on-the-fly to the Desktop Office software to work on the same document.

OneNote is a virtual notebook(s) that allows you to clip webpages, make lists, and pretty much store any information you need in an easy-to-use format.

You can also set up your OneNote notebooks to be stored on your OneDrive account, as well as password-protect your sections for increased security.

Now available free for Mac OS, Android, iOS and included within all Office versions, so all your notes can be synchronized across all devices..