While I remain the sole ‘throat to choke’, I will eventually outsource some of my services, but only to those vendors of the highest quality to benefit my clientele.
  • Help Desk – US-based service from the Midwest will answer calls on my company’s behalf with a highly-skilled and certified staff.
  • NOC Services – These Level 3 support technicians with server level skills have no contact with anyone but me, while they maintain your optimal network.
  • On-Premise Technicians – certified techs can be placed onsite within a specified timeframe to perform basic technical tasks.
  • Third Tier Server Support – highly qualified engineers can perform project-based or remedial tasks.
  • Migration Specialists – when moving from a premise-based server to the cloud, this company will provide that particular expertise.
  • Web Design & Development – under my guise, these professionals provide commercial web presence and aesthetic graphics.