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Transition to Collaboration

With Productivity as the key objective, I’ve changed the title of this email campaign from ‘How I Work’ to ‘How We Work’. Email remains the killer collaboration app — we share files, photos, documents, ideas, etc. ..for our recipient(s) to view, change, and share with others. But now Office 365 and its components such as OneDrive allow sharing…

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Apple, MS and Others

I still love my iPhone 5s that I use to provide Internet access via its Personal Hotspot (WiFi) to my iPad while working on the road. I’ve seen and held both the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus in my hand.  They’re both beautifully crafted devices – I’ll decide on one or the other within the next…

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Freedom Voice

I’m very pleased to become a new reselling partner of the FreedomIQ VoIP telephone system from FreedomVoice. Read More

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