Office 365 has changed my life, especially in regard to the way that I work.

I used to yearn for larger hard drives so that I might save my entire digital life – to a single point of failure.

Now my default Save Location in Windows 8.1 is OneDrive for Business, so every new document goes to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, whether that means OneDrive for my own use or the SharePoint TeamSite to collaborate with others.  The current capacity of each user’s OneDrive for Business account is 1TB, but that will soon become Unlimited.

And all my notes are synchronized within OneNote, another Office application included within the Office 2013 suite of applications and stored with everything else within the Microsoft Cloud (OneDrive).

And every document is always securely available from any device: my iPhone, my iPad or my Windows laptop.  Or even from a public computer at the library or the hotel’s business center.