I created my first web site in 1996, but my most recent company web site has been based on a standard HTML template with a little JavaScript mixed in.

But now in 2015, the most important reason for the switch to a WordPress-based platform is mobile compatibility. Nearly everyone is searching the web from their smartphone these days.

So out with the old and in with the new – please have a look from your computer, tablet or phone by clicking on the image or link below:



Managed Services might simply mean proactive monitoring and maintenance, but it might also include a host of bundled services.

In the case of Resolute IT, most all of these services are cloud-based in nature. In a customized package, it might include layered security, meaning that the filtering of viruses, malware and spam begin long before the malicious intruder ever reaches your Inbox.

And instead of backing up your computers to a device within your four walls, it might mean that your systems are inherently backed up. For example, we highly recommend that a company should subscribe to Office 365, which includes OneDrive for Business. Every user’s machine pushes the user’s documents up to the Microsoft Cloud, while a cached copy is kept on the user’s local machine. So document backup to the cloud becomes part of the process when deliberately saving a file to OneDrive.

Another example of built-in backup is when a company uses our hosted desktop service. A user would use any old computer, thin client or device with access to the Internet to access a Windows-based desktop experience, complete with their Line of Business (LOB) applications, including such financial programs as QuickBooks and engineering programs such as AutoCAD.

The most important word in this writing is “customized”. We put together a unique package to meet your needs and wants to meet your desired budget.

The list of cloud-based tools that I use every day and/or recommend to others haven’t changed much since last year.
  • Office 365
    • Microsoft’s Productivity Suite, Business-Class email and much more – when and where you need it
  • FreedomIQ
    • Your personalized VoIP phone system
  • RIT Total Control
    • Email: Security (spam & virus filtering), Archiving, eDiscovery/Recovery, Encryption & Continuity
    • Access any business application anywhere, on any device using our hosted desktop
  • RoboForm
    • All your logins in one place – from anywhere
  • MAXfocus
    • Remote Management allows immediate remote control remediation, managed antivirus, alerts and reports
  • Help Desk and NOC Services
    • Leveraging US-based language and skills to ensure 24/7/365 desktop support for your end-users and Tier 3 support for servers and networks

Everybody’s got one – either a cell, a land line or a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) line.

Many who subscribe to Comcast or another cable provider might be surprised to know that these are *not* true land lines, but they are VoIP lines.  Of course, Vonage is another consumer-based VoIP system.  And of course, I sell business-class VoIP systems from:

But cell phones are getting into the VoIP act.  Both Verizon Wireless and AT&T are planning to offer Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) in the near future, which will bring Internet Protocol (IP) technology and HD voice quality to your mobile phone.