In my mind, backing up is a thing of the past. If you set up your systems right, then it’s all backed up inherently.

The traditional concept of backing up is to copy files from your computer(s) to another physical drive on the premises.  That’s fine until the local hoodlum or catastrophic storm runs down the street with your equipment.

So then, the next best thing is to replicate those files up to a cloud-based storage service, right? Okay fine, but what about the line of business applications or programs that you have spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours in configuration time?  And those hundreds might actually be thousands…

I might suggest that Office 365 and its OneDrive is the best solution.  But this reveals the same problem – what about your application systems in addition to your data?

There is no better solution in my mind than to use a virtualized and cloud-based desktop system.  From any device that supports a web-enabled browser, one can access both their data and their unique programs – no matter what happens!

The best scenario is this: your office desk, whether actually in an office environment or in a home or mobile environment, would be equipped with a Linux-based thin-client or any computer of your choice. You would launch your browser (IE, Chrome or Firefox), and then you would navigate to a particular portal or personal web site.  Once logged in, your Windows-based desktop would appear with all of your applications (even engineering and graphics intensive) and data would be readily available.

So if the computers floated down the street, all you would need is to replace your very basic workstations or relocate to a venue with any type of computers in place.  No lost time. And lost time can mean thousands of dollars to a business of any size.

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