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OneDrive Correction: One Bad Apple Spoils…

On Sunday afternoon, I wrote an article about the free Windows 10 Upgrade and its included OneDrive, which is the personal edition. I scheduled that email to be sent out on Tuesday morning, but on the previous Monday evening, Microsoft announced that it would reduce its 15GB capacity down to 5GB due to abuse of…

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Ready for Windows 10

It’s now been 3 months since Windows 10 was released and I am pleased with the results. I’ve now upgraded my Dell laptop from Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10, as well as the Win 7 Pro virtual machine that I had running on my MacBook Pro Retina. There is no better time than now…

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Security & Encryption

What if you leave your laptop on the train? Protect your data, even if your data happens to be cached (stored) files that are ultimately secure within the cloud, you need to encrypt your local drives, whether on your Mac or Windows PC. For Mac, use FileVault; for Windows, use BitLocker.

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