..unless you absolutely KNOW and TRUST the company or person that’s either providing the service or you’ve been directly referred by someone you KNOW and TRUST.

Tech Support scams are more rampant than ever, especially as we all take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8, which will end in July 2016.

These are the questions that you need to ask of anyone before you grant them access to your computer:

  1. Have you been solicited by this tech support service online or by phone?
  2. Have you been contacted shortly after or during an upgrade to Windows 10?
  3. Are they a local or US-based business?
  4. Do you easily comprehend their spoken language?
  5. Can they provide a means of validating their credentials?
  6. How long have they verifiably been in the technical support business?
  7. Can they provide proof of industry or vendor certification?
  8. Can they clearly identify their complete list of products and services?
  9. Have they disclosed the possibility of additional charges, such as third-party software?
  10. Have they asked you for your credit card information?

In early 2009, I had 6 servers screaming away in my living room, so with all the heat that these machines generated, I didn’t even have to turn up the thermostat!

Soon thereafter I left Cape Cod to return to the warmth of Florida, so I decommissioned my servers and found a way to adapt.
















Instead of outdated and expensive infrastructure, I moved the same functionality that I had in my on-premise servers to cloud-based services.

And I’ve never looked back.