My first recommendation to small businesses is to subscribe to one of the Small Business Plans of O365, such as Business Premium at $12.50/mo or $150/yr.

But as Microsoft modifies its plans and included features constantly, I’ve recently become aware of three reasons why you would want to choose the E3 plan:

  1. The E3 Plan at $20 per month per user keeps 24 months of your email in your Inbox up to 50GB. That said, after the 24 months, emails go into “In-Place Archive”, which has an unlimited quota under this plan. This would be a lifetime’s worth of emails with attached photos, etc.
  2. The E3 Plan includes Skype for Business. Skype for Business is an awesome platform for messaging, online meetings, online presentations and even advanced VoIP capabilities.
  • If you need to send an Encrypted message, then an Enterprise plan such as the E3 is required.
  • Back to OneDrive for Business – all of these O365 Business Plans include 1TB of file storage. I’ve also become aware of better sharing functionality within OD4B without having to necessarily use SharePoint, which is the premier platform for collaboration. SharePoint is also available within all of these Business Plans.

    Over 280,000 new malware infections appear – every day!

    Most of them hold your valuable data hostage until you pay the ransom, which is $200 on average. And those are only payable in bitcoins, which are untraceable transactions. It’s become a billion dollar industry over the past two years – 2014 and 2015 account for about half of all malware infections – ever!
















    Because antivirus programs are only 45% effective, the only defense is to create multiple layers of defense. The most effective of these layers is to prevent the installation of any program by limiting the end-user of administrative privileges.