I’m thrilled with my new mouse. And my new lap desk. And my new earbuds!

The mouse can use either a Unified Receiver or Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to a computer. But when connected by Bluetooth, there isn’t a little device to lose or break. And the battery life of this mouse is 24 months!

The lap desk is a replacement for my old beanbag serving tray that I used to use. But this one is designed specifically for computer use with an air flow channel between the cushions underneath, built-in mouse pad, and a slot to prop up my cell phone.

The earbuds? Well, they’re just replacement parts for my Bluetooth headset that I wear over my ear. Made of silicone gel with foam cushions for comfort.

Biannual Support Plan
BIANNUAL SUPPORT PLAN REVISED: In an attempt to make the annual plan more affordable and fair, we’ve split the annual fee into two payments.

  • Unlimited Remote HelpDesk
  • $150 prepaid for first six months of each year
  • $125 to renew for second six months
Outlook Tip
LAST WEEK I told you about toggling between Inbox (1), Calendar (2) andContacts (3). Now try it with Tasks and Notes.

  • While holding the Control key down, tap the number 4 for Tasks and tap 5 for Notes
  • On the Mac, use the Command key instead of Control

BONUS TIP: When in the Calendar, use the Control key and the letter ‘T’ to get back to Today. Command + T on the Mac.