What if your fired employee has destroyed your company data?

I was trying to help a colleague earlier today who has a new client with a recently terminated employee. And before that employee left, the worker deleted all of their emails, which, of course, is company property. To make matters worse, they deleted everything from the Deleted Items folder. And nothing was found in the Recover Deleted Items tool.

By default, your email data is retained for just 14 days after a deletion. But if you enable Litigation Hold, then even deleted items are retained ‘forever’. Litigation Hold is only available in Office 365 plans that include Exchange Online Plan 2, such as the Enterprise plans. This is one of the very important reasons why I use the E3 plan and recommend it to all small business clients.

With Litigation Hold in place, then a Content Search reveals results in Office 365’s Security & Compliance section of the Admin portal, including maliciously deleted emails from long ago.

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