One of my peers in the UK has mandated that all communications going forward must happen within #MicrosoftTeams. That’s very forward-thinking, but it lacks flexibility.

Different people have different styles. There’s the traditional telephone or mobile call; the mobile text; email; and even Facebook Messenger, not to mention a Twitter direct message or a LinkedIn InMail. I suppose you could even consider Instagram comments. Heck, any social media platform has its unique way to communicate, either privately or in public.

Last week I had the bright idea to bring back a practice that I exercised many years back. I set up a ticketing helpdesk using a unique email address as a trigger to create a ticket. The result has been chaos rather than with notifications in duplicate and triplicate flying all over, lighting up all my screens. Perhaps I have the wrong ticketing system, but it’s one of the most widely used ticketing platforms with integrations to every application you can imagine. I especially don’t like that it takes me too far away from a Microsoft-centric system.

The bottom line: I would love to have #MicrosoftTeams as the primary method of contact, but I have to respect every individual and company with their own processes. Who am I to impose on their comfort zone? It’s my pleasure to welcome all forms of contact.