Your business is a box. All the old business habits, processes and ways of doing things are inside your box of business. Let’s unpack your box and see what’s inside then let’s repack your box.

  • File Shares
  • Email
  • Cubicles
  • Desktop Telephones
  • Task Chairs

Unpacked: The term File Share is a bit of a misnomer as it doesn’t mean sharing a file. Its most common reference is to the sharing of a folder across a local area network, most often as a mapped drive. The folder resides on a file server and is labeled with a drive letter, such as H for the Home drive or S for the Shared drive.

Repacked: You and your colleagues each have your own OneDrive file repository with a 1 TB capacity that’s accessible from any Internet-connected device. Files common to the rest of the company are stored in SharePoint document libraries. You can share files with external colleagues from either OneDrive or SharePoint. Some of these SharePoint document libraries are formed when a new team is created within Microsoft Teams, so a Files tab is automatically provided in each Teams Channel.


Unpacked: Fifteen years ago, with the advent of Small Business Server 2003 and its Exchange Server component, email in the small business was classically hosted within the confines of the office, so people would “go to the office to check their email”. Files are often shared by sending them to colleagues as an email attachment, which causes multiple versions of the original file as it gets passed back and forth.

Repacked: Instead of opening Outlook in the Office first thing in the morning, you open Microsoft Teams on your mobile phone before you even arrive at work. When a file is uploaded to a Teams Channel’s Files tab, all other members of that team will have access to the file, so a unique and perpetually original document can be reviewed even on a mobile device. While you’re at it, you can communicate with colleagues by chat or simply read what others have posted to catch up with your group.

Unpacked: You were assigned a cubicle at the office and that’s where you’ve been since Day 1.

Repacked: Your new office is wherever you, your laptop, and your mobile phone happen to be.


Unpacked: On Day 1, you were assigned an extension, so the phone would ring at your desk.

Repacked: Full calling capabilities are coming very soon to Microsoft Teams – we’re about 3/4 of the way to an end-of-2018 completion of Skype2Teams. Now your ‘phone’ is actually the Teams app on your Android or iOS mobile device or the Teams app on your Mac or PC.


Unpacked: At your desk and in the cubicle is where you’ve been sitting on your task chair since Day 1. Your back aches from long periods of sitting. Your neighbor is intolerable.

Repacked: A bean bag? A coffee shop? Your car? Your recliner at home? Your stand-up desk? You name it, that’s your new launch pad for productivity.

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