Too many IT providers live in a warped world when they think they should be feared and revered by the customer. And just because it’s good for that IT organization’s pocketbook does not mean it’s good for the customer.

The customer needs to perform their own due diligence – they need to become informed of the most current and correct best practices. But to assume that their current IT provider is acting in their best interest could result in the purchase of goods and services that are unnecessary and/or outdated.

When it comes time to consider the replacement of your on-premise server (or consider your first server), also consider that you might leverage cloud-based services. If your IT organization pushes back hard with unfounded or complicated objections to these alternate methods, then it’s time to get another point of view.

For example, most IT providers will tell you that an on-premise Active Directory server is an absolute neccesity for businesses with 5-10 users or more. But Microsoft now says otherwise, especially when it comes to their latest Microsoft 365 Business offering:

“To realize the full value of Windows 10, Windows 10 PCs need to be joined to Azure Active Directory. You may use Microsoft 365 Business with Windows 10 devices joined to on-premises Active Directory but it is not recommended because you won’t be able to enforce policies from the Microsoft 365 Business Admin console.”

The on-premise solution for policy enforcement has historically been Windows Server Active Directory. But Azure Active Directory is cloud-based and an on-premise *server is not required*.

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