A colleague of mine recently asked our group, “What will happen to your job or role as it relates to the IT industry in the next 5-10 years?” One of the answers from this group of peers: “Training and cloud admin work.”

Some say, “There will always be wiring in the walls.” But as 5G approaches, the wiring might eventually stop out on the street. Even now, one of the most significant trends in office infrastructure is wireless mesh networks with administration. And on the consumer side, Spectrum currently offers its “Community Solutions” managed Wifi for apartments, marinas, RV parks, and student campuses.

Some say that you still need a domain controller server for Active Directory. But look at Microsoft’s own Azure Active Directory, which is designed to work in the cloud and manage mobile devices and computers far from the confines of the office. Securing identities and company data is no longer reliant upon a local machine.

From the palm of my hand, I can access company documents on my iPhone that are stored in the cloud on OneDrive. But now that I use Microsoft 365 and its Enterprise Mobility + Security component, I’m restricted by the security measures of Azure Information Protection and Azure Rights Management, such as the inability to copy and paste company data into a Tweet.

Single-sign-on authentication and self-service password resets are also signs that the future is here.

Configuring cloud-based security and ongoing training of the remote worker are fundamental to the modern workplace experience.

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