I’ve recently talked about co-authoring Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents while in Microsoft Teams. But there’s a fourth Office 365 program that enables multiple workers to collaborate in real-time.

OneNote doesn’t have quite the same multi-user experience as the other three, but there *is* a notification area in the upper right that shows when another user is editing a OneNote notebook.

But that’s just one other user. I’ve recently read about a team of 24 teachers collaborating on a single OneNote notebook. But when the 25th person tried to enter the faction, the system balked. Nevertheless, a substantial team can come together on a single project in OneNote.

Like the other three collaborative apps, OneNote is an integral part of Microsoft Teams. For every channel in a Team, an instance of OneNote can reside under the Notes tab by clicking the “+” sign to the left and then adding OneNote (see above).