It’s complicated. Office 365 offers various options and overlap when it comes to:

  1. collaboration (Yammer, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Forms, Skype)
  2. file storage (SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Delve, Teams)
  3. communication (Skype, Teams, Exchange/Outlook, Sway, Video, Stream)
  4. personal productivity (Office suite, Exchange/Outlook, Teams)
  5. business apps (Power BI embedded in Teams, Power Apps, Flow, Dynamics 365, StaffHub)

Best use scenario (prejudiced toward Teams):

You start your day at your desk. Instead of opening your email in Outlook the first thing (that can wait), you go to the Teams Activity area where the information is fresh and vital. You notice a colleague has shared a document with your group that she created over the weekend. Because it was shared with the group, only those group or team members can access this file. But the file didn’t really reside in Teams – it’s actually been stored in your colleague’s OneDrive because she wasn’t ready to present this file for public viewing yet – she wanted to conduct peer review first. But now that she has shared the file with the group, the file becomes part of a SharePoint library specific to that group and its members only.

As you’re reviewing this document opened right within the Teams desktop application, the author of the document sends a private chat message to you that pops up in a panel alongside the document. To discuss this further, you each agree to open an ad hoc meeting by clicking on the videocam icon below the chat box. After a brief discussion and co-authoring of the document, you approve the author’s document and encourage her to publish the document to a primary SharePoint library for companywide viewing.

You’ve ended the ad hoc meeting with your co-worker, but another call arrives right within Teams. It’s the boss. Your paycheck is ready.

It’s almost . You’ve now had a chance to comb through your emails and there’s a scheduled meeting that will begin in a few minutes. Teams still open and, while an Outlook calendar notification popped up, you’d already noticed the meeting while in Teams earlier – your Outlook calendar synchronizes with the Teams Meeting schedule.

After joining the Meeting, your team members all appear within video blocks on the screen. One of the members will present his work by sharing his desktop to the group. It’s a bad hair day, so you’ve opted not to turn your video on, as well as you keep yourself muted because the dog is barking. You chat with a few co-workers while the presentation completes and discuss what’s for lunch.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go home! Oh, wait – I am home.