I’m thrilled with my new mouse. And my new lap desk. And my new earbuds!

The mouse can use either a Unified Receiver or Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to a computer. But when connected by Bluetooth, there isn’t a little device to lose or break. And the battery life of this mouse is 24 months!

The lap desk is a replacement for my old beanbag serving tray that I used to use. But this one is designed specifically for computer use with an air flow channel between the cushions underneath, built-in mouse pad, and a slot to prop up my cell phone.

The earbuds? Well, they’re just replacement parts for my Bluetooth headset that I wear over my ear. Made of silicone gel with foam cushions for comfort.

Biannual Support Plan
BIANNUAL SUPPORT PLAN REVISED: In an attempt to make the annual plan more affordable and fair, we’ve split the annual fee into two payments.

  • Unlimited Remote HelpDesk
  • $150 prepaid for first six months of each year
  • $125 to renew for second six months
Outlook Tip
LAST WEEK I told you about toggling between Inbox (1), Calendar (2) andContacts (3). Now try it with Tasks and Notes.

  • While holding the Control key down, tap the number 4 for Tasks and tap 5 for Notes
  • On the Mac, use the Command key instead of Control

BONUS TIP: When in the Calendar, use the Control key and the letter ‘T’ to get back to Today. Command + T on the Mac.

As it’s been over a year since the last newsletter, I’ve now reestablished Resolute IT and myself in the Tampa/St Petersburg area, about 40 miles north of my previous location in Sarasota. I’ve utilized some remote capabilities in the past, but now my entire business model has evolved to become a fully remote enterprise, leaving my location to be mostly irrelevant. I still have clients on Cape Cod, in Sarasota and in other parts of the US.

My primary product focus will remain on Office 365, servicing individuals and small businesses. But today, I want to introduce to everyone two new products within my lineup of offerings:

Unlimited cloud backup for Mac and PC laptops and desktops.
Backblaze has backed up over 350 million GB of data.
To date, Backblaze has restored over 25 billion files.
Download the 30-day trial.
Resolute IT is proud to be a reselling partner.

Complete malware protection for your PC that simply works.
With two scanning engines that work faster together, Emsisoft has become an award-winning anti-malware/anti-virus program.
Download the 30-day trial.
Resolute IT is proud to be a reselling partner.