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The End of Nested Folders and File Sync

By resolute | Mar 25, 2018

This is a paradigm shift in the way that we will think about accessing files. Network shares, file folders, and nested folders are a thing of the past. When in a Microsoft Teams channel there is a Files tab by default, which can reveal links to items that actually reside in a SharePoint document library.…

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By resolute | Mar 16, 2018

I signed on the dotted line to become a partner with AppRiver today. This Florida-based company from the western panhandle was formed in 2002 and now boasts over 250 employees. As one of the first vendors to distribute Microsoft products, they specialize in Office 365 and now, of course, Microsoft 365. Their fine reputation for…

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OneNote Co-Authoring, too

By resolute | Mar 14, 2018

I’ve recently talked about co-authoring Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents while in Microsoft Teams. But there’s a fourth Office 365 program that enables multiple workers to collaborate in real-time. OneNote doesn’t have quite the same multi-user experience as the other three, but there *is* a notification area in the upper right that shows when another…

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Real-Time Co-Authoring

By resolute | Mar 12, 2018

You’ve been able to co-author Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents for over a year now. But now you don’t even have to leave Microsoft Teams. When you share Office 365 files with your co-workers while in a Teams channel, it automatically enables co-authoring. And external guests invited to your Team session can also participate in…

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Password Protect

By resolute | Mar 11, 2018

“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.”― Clifford Stoll Forgotten passwords remain a pain point for everyone. Change it on your phone, then you need to change it on your computer. Don’t visit that site for a while – the password expires.…

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Revise & Refurbish

By resolute | Mar 3, 2018

I’m thrilled with my new mouse. And my new lap desk. And my new earbuds! The mouse can use either a Unified Receiver or Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to a computer. But when connected by Bluetooth, there isn’t a little device to lose or break. And the battery life of this mouse is 24 months! The…

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Get on the Same Page

By resolute | Feb 27, 2018

Calendly offers a free online scheduling calendar that integrates with Office 365. Appointments set by your clients or co-workers instantly become entries in your Outlook Calendar. Notifications are sent to your Outlook Inbox. And links within these email notifications allow people to cancel or reschedule – again synchronizing your Calendar. An affordable upgrade enables Stripe…

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Relocation & Renovation

By resolute | Feb 20, 2018

As it’s been over a year since the last newsletter, I’ve now reestablished Resolute IT and myself in the Tampa/St Petersburg area, about 40 miles north of my previous location in Sarasota. I’ve utilized some remote capabilities in the past, but now my entire business model has evolved to become a fully remote enterprise, leaving…

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Time’s Up

By resolute | Jul 25, 2016

At the end of Friday, this week, the free offer from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10 ends. After that, prices will start at $119 for the full version of the Home edition. Windows 8 users have had few problems, but many Windows 7 machines have had issues. Please call 941-870-3235 if you encounter problems.

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