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Office 365 Plans

By resolute | Mar 24, 2016

My first recommendation to small businesses is to subscribe to one of the Small Business Plans of O365, such as Business Premium at $12.50/mo or $150/yr. But as Microsoft modifies its plans and included features constantly, I’ve recently become aware of three reasons why you would want to choose the E3 plan: The E3 Plan…

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By resolute | Mar 8, 2016

Over 280,000 new malware infections appear – every day! Most of them hold your valuable data hostage until you pay the ransom, which is $200 on average. And those are only payable in bitcoins, which are untraceable transactions. It’s become a billion dollar industry over the past two years – 2014 and 2015 account for…

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From Here or There

By resolute | Feb 23, 2016

I was just about to write an article regarding working from anywhere with any device ..and the phone rang – remote support needed. Actually, that call was from an individual with a PC. I was at lunch and carrying my Mac with me, but they needed support that I can only offer from a Windows-based…

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NEVER Trust Tech Support

By resolute | Jan 18, 2016

..unless you absolutely KNOW and TRUST the company or person that’s either providing the service or you’ve been directly referred by someone you KNOW and TRUST. Tech Support scams are more rampant than ever, especially as we all take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8, which will end…

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My Own Cloud Story

By resolute | Jan 14, 2016

In early 2009, I had 6 servers screaming away in my living room, so with all the heat that these machines generated, I didn’t even have to turn up the thermostat! Soon thereafter I left Cape Cod to return to the warmth of Florida, so I decommissioned my servers and found a way to adapt.…

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Bring Your Own Device in 2016

By resolute | Dec 29, 2015

My focus of 2016 will be to enable you, the productive worker, to work from the cloud while you bring your own device (BYOD). The most efficient worker will be untethered by their office desk or home office computer, and will work from anywhere with Internet access. For this valuable worker, it means flexibility and…

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South of Sarasota

By resolute | Dec 22, 2015

So enjoying my new move an hour south to Englewood, which is both in Sarasota County and in Charlotte County. This little city has pristine beaches, low-key lifestyle, quiet living and yet still a vibrant atmosphere, both in terms of business and social aspects.

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OneDrive Correction: One Bad Apple Spoils…

By resolute | Nov 4, 2015

On Sunday afternoon, I wrote an article about the free Windows 10 Upgrade and its included OneDrive, which is the personal edition. I scheduled that email to be sent out on Tuesday morning, but on the previous Monday evening, Microsoft announced that it would reduce its 15GB capacity down to 5GB due to abuse of…

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Ready for Windows 10

By resolute | Nov 2, 2015

It’s now been 3 months since Windows 10 was released and I am pleased with the results. I’ve now upgraded my Dell laptop from Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10, as well as the Win 7 Pro virtual machine that I had running on my MacBook Pro Retina. There is no better time than now…

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