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Virtually Down the Hall

By resolute | Mar 23, 2015

Almost all Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems support remote extensions. Your company’s live receptionist (or automated attendant) can transfer an incoming call to your extension, no matter where in the world that it’s located. And you can have a group of phones set up to ring simultaneously – as your extension rings, the call…

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Mac Infections, Too?!

By resolute | Mar 19, 2015

Most people think that a Mac will not become infected with a virus, trojan, malware or adware. Unfortunately, this is not true. I’ve recently had to treat two Mac infected computers in as many weeks.  

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Free 1-On-1 Live Training

By resolute | Mar 10, 2015

From the very basics of Microsoft Windows (or Mac) and MS Office to the advanced setup options within Office 365 and its many components, I am offering a free 30-minute live training session to consumers, independent business reps, office managers and decision makers. Your own questions determine the agenda.  This is your private Q&A session.…

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Backup and Disastery Recovery

By resolute | Mar 3, 2015

In my mind, backing up is a thing of the past. If you set up your systems right, then it’s all backed up inherently. The traditional concept of backing up is to copy files from your computer(s) to another physical drive on the premises.  That’s fine until the local hoodlum or catastrophic storm runs down…

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Transition to WordPress

By resolute | Feb 24, 2015

I created my first web site in 1996, but my most recent company web site has been based on a standard HTML template with a little JavaScript mixed in. But now in 2015, the most important reason for the switch to a WordPress-based platform is mobile compatibility. Nearly everyone is searching the web from their…

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Managed Services

By resolute | Feb 21, 2015

Managed Services might simply mean proactive monitoring and maintenance, but it might also include a host of bundled services. In the case of Resolute IT, most all of these services are cloud-based in nature. In a customized package, it might include layered security, meaning that the filtering of viruses, malware and spam begin long before…

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Cloud Tools

By resolute | Feb 10, 2015

The list of cloud-based tools that I use every day and/or recommend to others haven’t changed much since last year. Office 365 Microsoft’s Productivity Suite, Business-Class email and much more – when and where you need it FreedomIQ Your personalized VoIP phone system RIT Total Control Email: Security (spam & virus filtering), Archiving, eDiscovery/Recovery, Encryption & Continuity…

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By resolute | Feb 10, 2015

Everybody’s got one – either a cell, a land line or a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) line. Many who subscribe to Comcast or another cable provider might be surprised to know that these are *not* true land lines, but they are VoIP lines.  Of course, Vonage is another consumer-based VoIP system.  And of course, I sell business-class…

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In the New Year

By resolute | Jan 27, 2015

It’s been about a month since the last newsletter, which finds me in a new home living an entirely different lifestyle – after 6 years in Downtown Sarasota, I’ve left for the ‘burbs north of Lakewood Ranch. My new Verizon FiOS as my Internet Service Provider (ISP) delivers blazing fast speeds to feed my FreedomVoice business-class Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system,…

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